The Pitch: Haiti

The Pitch: Haiti is a soccer-based youth outreach program in Tabarre, Haiti. The Pitch uses soccer training and teams to build relationships with kids, and leverages those relationships to serve the community, meet basic humanitarian needs, build vocational skills, and share the love of Christ.

To provide a safe place for kids to play a game they love while showing them they are loved by God.

What they do

  • Soccer: The Pitch hosts weekly practice for our competition team, whom they sponsor in local soccer tournaments. They provide the team with everything they need to compete, including professional coaching, equipment, cleats, jerseys, and more. In addition to soccer drills, every weekly practice includes a devotional time coordinated by Paul Clark, our director in Haiti. They also regularly open the field up to kids in the community for pick up games and other events. Their goal is to impact as many kids in the community as possible, whether or not they are ready to play in tournaments.
  • Personal, Physical, and Spiritual Development: Soccer also presents ample opportunities to teach kids about physical health and hygiene. Practices is an opportunity to challenge the kids physically through drills and training exercises. More importantly, when kids visit their field, they can learn basic hygiene principles and receive basic goods like toothbrushes, soap, washcloths, deodorant, and more. They also encourage the kids spiritually through devotionals, Bible studies, and participation in regular service projects.
  • Community Outreach: The Pitch looks for opportunities to give back to the community through service projects such as picking up trash in the neighborhood, upkeep of the field, and other events to teach the importance of serving the surrounding neighborhood.

Why soccer?
Soccer. Futbol, Footy. No matter what you call it, every kid deserves the chance to play.

Using soccer as a cross-cultural tool, we are able to teach the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, personal health, and the Gospel. Our goal is simple: to provide a safe place for kids to play a game they love while showing them they are loved by God.

Where they work
The Pitch: Haiti works in Tabarre, Haiti. Their signature soccer pitch is on the grounds of House of Hope Orphanage in Tabarre, Haiti. Surrounded by four mango trees, stands for fans, and lighting for night games, their 105’ x 65’ pitch is among the best soccer fields in the area.

Get involved
There are many ways you can help, including volunteering at local events, organizing fundraisers and donation drives, joining our team of sponsors, and planning a visit to The Pitch in Tabarre, Haiti.

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact us at with a note about how you would like to help!

All funds donated to The Pitch go toward helping the program in Haiti.  All of The Pitch directors work as volunteers, so administrative expenses are minimal.  Donations help provide kids with soccer equipment, clothing, hygiene packs, pay coaches, and ship goods to Haiti.

Examples of what we can do with each level of support are included below:

To make a donation, please visit here.

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