WATCH: The Beautiful Game Promo

About the film:

“The Beautiful Game tells the story of the impact of soccer on women in South Africa, who use their love for the sport as a tool to challenge deep-seated cultural stereotyping and biases. Despite their firm belief (and living proof) that soccer can deter women from negative lifestyles such as prostitution, drugs and alcohol, they receive little financial or emotional support from their country and are stigmatized for their cultural heritage and place of origin. Even worse, they are criticized for promoting soccer among young women by a society that believes that “football makes you lesbian.” The film documents the City Lads Ladies– one of the leading provincial soccer teams in the Eastern Cape– and demonstrates how even in a country where gender discrimination is so prevalent the passion for soccer can transcend boundaries and dramatically change the perception of women throughout the world.”

What one of the players has to say about being part of City Lads Ladies:

Busie, #13, Central Defender

“I love football because it keep me out of the streets. I spend most of my time with my teammates, and they have become my sisters. I started playing at a young age before I knew there were other girls who also played football. But when Phakama Duru also known as Chika introduced me to City Lads Ladies, I knew I found my home. Through football I have learned so many things, including trust. Football is my life”

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The Beautiful Game Promo from Danny Turken on Vimeo.

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