US Deaf Soccer stars retire as champions

Two members of the United States Deaf Soccer Women’s National Team (USDWNT) have announced their retirement from the program today.

Laura Carlson-Yon

Laura Carlson-Yon

Laura Carlson-Yon, an 8-year veteran, and Felicia Schroeder, a 7-year veteran, just recently returned from winning the USDWNT’s 3rd consecutive Deaflympics gold medal in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Laura Carlson-Yon, the team captain and defender on the USDWNT, retires with 2 Deaflympic gold medals and a World Cup championship during her time with the team.

Carlson-Yon, who played her college soccer at Montreat College (NAIA), was the leader of the USDWNT’s stalwart and stingy defense, which only allowed 1 goal in the 2013 Deaflympics.

Felicia Schroeder retires from the USWDNT as one of the all-time greatest in the history of Deaflympics women’s soccer.

Felicia Schroeder

Felicia Schroeder

Schroeder played college soccer for the University of South Carolina and Purdue and is the only USWDNT member to have played professionally (Kvarnsveden IK in Sweden and Aland United in Finland).

Like Carlson-Yon, Schroeder retires with 2 Deaflympic goal medals and a World Cup championship to her credit.

Schroeder was also named the US Soccer Disabled Athlete of the Year in 2012.

Congratulations to both Felicia Schroeder and Laura Carlson-Yon for not only their outstanding careers with the USWDNT, but also for being such an inspiration to soccer fans everywhere.

You can learn more about the United States Deaf Soccer program at their website:


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