Trailer: Goals for Girls

The producers of Goals for Girls have re-released their website today and this served as a good reminder for me to post their trailer here.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

In Argentina, where football is a man´s sport, a group of young women from the infamous Villa 31 shantytown in Buenos Aires fight to form their own team. With courage they overcome many obstacles until they realize their dream of competing in the Homeless World Cup in Brazil.

Using this story as a starting point, “Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls” investigates the ignored world of women´s football in Argentina.  The women of the Villa 31 and players from different backgrounds reveal that family prejudices combined with complete abandonment by local authorities conspire against the development of a sport that has grown worldwide. These players have to fight on and off the field to ensure that the words of the president of FIFA come true: “the future of football belongs to women”.


One very interesting aspect of this film is how the filmmakers involved the girls in the making of the documentary. You can view some of the highlights of the workshops the filmmakers conducted with the girls during the making of the film here:

The girls have been playing soccer as a team since 2007 thanks to the support of Democracia Representativa and Soccer Without Borders.

Goals for Girls is directed by Ginger Gentile from New York and Gabriel Balanovsky from Argentina.

You can follow Goals for Girls on Facebook and learn about opportunities to donate as well as host a screening.


“Goals for Girls: The Movie girls embody the change that we need and want to see in the world! Their actions are revolutionary and spirit unstoppable. Please take a moment to support the girls in any way you can, these girls and girls like them globally are the key to this planets future!” — Carly Goldberg, Director, The Women’s Collaborative Circle


Goals for Girls is a 501-c3 non-profit thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of Soccer Without Borders.

The filmmakers need your support to help finish this important film. You can make your donation here:


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