Take the Solidarity in Sport Pledge

fugeesfamilyphotoThe Solidarity in Sport Pledge asks individuals, teams, schools, and organizations to band together to promote inclusion, equality, and dignity for all athletes.  By joining forces we are using our collective voice to stamp out exclusion, inequality, and stigma.

Join me in taking the Solidarity in Sport Pledge:

Exclusion, inequality, and stigma exist in sport around the world. 
Where are the voices speaking up? 

We need inclusion, equality, and dignity for all athletes.
We need all voices.   
We need all athletes to act in solidarity.  
We need all athletes to be allies to one another.  
We need all athletes to take action.   
Sign the pledge, support your fellow athletes.  
Let your voice be heard.  
One Voice. One World.  One Team.

Please take the pledge today!

Besides taking the pledge, you can also do the following:

* Check out the Solidarity in Sport blog for stories, interviews, and articles promoting the power of equality in sport.

* Share your stories on sport, equality & why this matters to you. Email us your thoughts/pictures/videos: info@solidarityinsport.org! Then, find them on the Solidarity in Sport blog!

* Follow Solidarity in Sport on twitter (@SISPledge) and Facebook

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