Check out the Soccer Sisters ebook series

The Soccer Sisters is a tween ebook series from author Andrea Montalbano, which tells stories about members of the competitive all-girl Brookville Bombers soccer team.

Each of the two books in the The Soccer Sister series tackles real life issues as each protagonist encounters adversity, and overcomes it thanks to the help of teammates, friends and the Soccer Sisters Code.

I really appreciated how each book deals with issues young tweens are likely to encounter in real life. The conflict in Lily Out of Bounds centers around the consequences of peer pressure while Vee Caught Offside is about bullying.

While offering opportunities for young readers to read about issues pertinent to their lives, these books are fun, fast-paced reads. If you have a young player in your life who loves reading and soccer, both books would make great additions to your home library.

As a footnote, it’s pretty cool that real life “Soccer Sister” Brandi Chastain is the Official Spokesperson of the Soccer Sisters Series. Chastain, as most soccer fans will already know, is the former NCAA, World Cup and Olympics star is best-known for her game-winning penalty kick against China in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup final.

Further, you can join @brandichastain, Soccer Sisters author @andreasoccer@RepresentPledge, myself (@futboldaddy) and many more tomorrow (Wednesday, August 21 1:30 pm EST, 10:30 pm PST) for the #goalmodel Twitter party!

Here’s more about the books:

Vee Caught Offsides from Untitled-1

Vee Merino is a Soccer Sister. But she’s not sure what that means anymore.  As the youngest member of the elite Brookville Bombers soccer team, Vee’s feeling crazy out of place. She attends a different school, couldn’t care less about the other girls’ stupid winter dance, and doesn’t get why all of a sudden her teammates can’t talk about anything except guys. What about soccer – and the Soccer Sisters Code?  When the Bombers play a match against El Fuego, a team from Vee’s school, she gets a taste for another type of belonging–and starts to wonder if the mean words of fellow Bomber Olivia, who wants her off the squad, are true. Is her time with the Bombers up? Is Vee offside, destined to be the odd girl out? And should she quit while she’s ahead–even if it costs her team the indoor soccer championship?

Lily Out of Bounds from

Untitled-1Lily James is a Soccer Sister. With the Brookville Bombers, her super competitive – and super skilled – soccer team, 13-year-old Lily plays hard and wins big. She and her teammates, including best friend Vee Merino, have hit the top of the league by running fast, passing straight, and following the Soccer Sisters Code, a list of ten unbreakable rules that keep the game clean and the victories sweet. But when Colby Wrangle joins the Bombers, everything changes. Colby’s got crazy soccer skills, dyed hair, fake tattoos, and tons of attitude. She’s the coolest thing Lily’s ever seen – and on the field, she’ll do anything to win. Off it, she’ll do anything to have fun. Soon Lily is sneaking out, lying – and trying to remember what made soccer so beautiful to begin with. With a huge tournament in Montreal looming, she’s got tough choices ahead. They’ll affect her family, her friends, the game she loves…and the future of the Soccer Sisters Code.

About the series’ author, Andrea Montalbano: AndreaM

Andrea Montalbano is an author, journalist, mother and coach. She grew up on a soccer field in Miami. She played at Harvard and was inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame. Andrea pursued a career in journalism, attending Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She was an English anchor at Vatican Radio, and worked as a writer and Supervising Producer the TODAY show. Soccer Sisters is published by In This Together Media, a company dedicated to publishing great books about real girls.

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