Round Star Foundation

Round Star Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to extending the many benefits soccer can provide to every individual.

Round Star Foundation works to improve the lives of people of all ages by providing access to high quality soccer activities, training and education.

Where they work:
Round Star Foundation is based in the New York City Metropolitan area but has done projects most recently in Zimbabwe. They also have a future project planned in Brazil as well.

Why soccer?:
Soccer is an invaluable tool not only for physical development, but for social inclusion, engagement, and a powerful mechanism for strengthening communities.

specialneeds_focus1What they do:

  • Provides scholarship assistance for children and families unable to participate in soccer classes.
  • Round Star Foundation’s Special Needs Shine Program is on one of their main focus areas where they use soccer as a vehicle for teaching life skills to  individuals with special needs, including children and adults with developmental and intellectual delays such as Autism and Down Syndrome.
  • Round Star Foundation’s “Building Soccer Bridges” program extends their reach internationally by making soccer instruction available in developing areas and countries, including providing free equipment.

Make a donation to Round Star Foundation here.





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