Qiana Martin Joins Award-Winning Film Team as Ambassador of ‘The Beautiful Game’

8f5b022a8b9bb7707823b6a288e48f92_largeAtlanta, Georgia, September 23, 2013 — Eat Soccer is proud to announce a partnership between Qiana Martin and the award-winning film team of The Beautiful Game which is currently on Kickstarter. Qiana Martin, an international athlete, global soccer ambassador and social entrepreneur, is an advocate for harnessing the power of the world’s favorite sport to promote equality for women, youth fitness and cross cultural understanding.

With a current Kickstarter campaign to complete the editing and post-production phase of the movie, The Beautiful Game is a story about the impact of soccer on women in South Africa– who use their love for the sport to challenge gender discrimination, gender-based violence and deep-seated cultural stereotyping– and demonstrate soccer’s ability to transcend all boundaries and reshape the perception of women throughout the world. Award-winning Director/Producer Danny Turken and Executive Producers, including the multiple Emmy award-winning and Oscar nominated filmmaker Sam Pollard and award-winning Executive Producer W. Wilder Knight, are all a part of the team behind this project.

“Through my international playing experiences, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that many of my fellow teammates have had to face to simply participate in a sport that they love,” said Martin. “It is my hope that helping to bring The Beautiful Game to viewing audiences will not only yield a safe result for the incredible women playing for City Lads and others who dare to play soccer, but it will pave the way for equality, respect and fair treatment for other international sportswomen as well as all women across the globe.”

Martin unites her support for The Beautiful Game with organizations Fain, Grassroots Soccer, Just One, Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, No More and Women’s Soccer United.

“As a strong, independent female athlete– who is not only successful in sport, but also genuinely believes in furthering the development and overall improving the lives of men, women and children through sport– I cannot tell you how excited we are to welcome [Qiana] as an Ambassador to the film,” said Danny Turken, Director/Producer of The Beautiful Game.

For all media inquiries about The Beautiful Game and/or Qiana Martin’s ambassadorial role, please contact Dollena Campbell, Outreach Producer for The Beautiful Game, at dollena@weareenchanted.com.

About Qiana Martin: Qiana Martin is an international athlete, global soccer ambassador and owner of Eat Soccer. She is a former TEMDx speaker and Fila Spokesmodel. Her media features include the 2013 Pizza Hut Super Bowl Big Game Commercial, US News + World Report, TV One’s Our World with Black Enterprise, BlackEnteprise.com, Yahoo Eurosport, Jezebel Magazine, and Atlanta Men’s News.


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