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Buy One, Give One Concept Turns Customers into Benefactors

Pass It Forward, LLC, is an organization that provides environmentally friendly soccer equipment to children in need around the world through a ‘Pay It Forward’ approach. We are committed to the global soccer community by sharing the passion of soccer and providing an opportunity for others to give back. When you buy a Pass It Forward match quality soccer ball, another is donated to a child in need both within the United States and worldwide.

Pass It Forward was founded by two people — a soccer professional and a teacher — who were seeking a way to combine soccer and social consciousness. While you don’t need much to play soccer, millions of children around the world do not have the means to participate in the game. From disadvantaged kids in Africa who make their soccer balls out of trash bags and twine, to sports clubs in the United States struggling to buy acceptable equipment, it is clear that there is a need to make soccer equipment more readily available.

Pass It Forward balls are:

  • Match-quality. Hand stitched and laminated with four layers of polyester viscose.
  • Competitively pricedwith special pricing packages for school and club orders.
  • Available in sizes 4 and 5.
  • Environmentally friendly, free from harmful chemicals and lead.
  • Made in humane working conditions.
  • Accompanied by a note telling you where your donated ball was sent.
  • Available online at

So, why soccer? Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with followers around the globe who all share the same passion. All you need for a game is one ball, and anyone can participate. But soccer is more than a game; it extends far beyond training players to shoot, pass and defend. Soccer instills lifelong lessons of teamwork, leadership, concentration, endurance and good sportsmanship. It promotes cultural identity and pride, as many cities and countries around the world have local and national teams. Moreover, since soccer is a universal sport, many organizations around the world have started using soccer as a peace-building activity. It’s also an excellent way to stay healthy and keep active.

Our first donations are to the American Haiti Foundation, Los Angeles Team Mentoring and Passback, a program run by the US Soccer Foundation. Join our cause, spread the word and buy a ball. Be a game changer.

Christina Sussman
Pass It Forward, LLC

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