Peace Club: “Play Soccer, Make Peace” IndieGoGo Campaign

peaceclubsoccerOn August 25th Peace Club will begin to hold “Play Soccer, Make Peace” workshops for soccer coaches and youth players in Amman, Jordan and Ramallah, Palestine.

In each workshop, coaches will receive training in eleven universal values which can be found in soccer. These values are: hope, commitment, self-discipline, enthusiasm, respect, cooperation, trust, creativity, initiative, responsibility and service.

These are values found within the game of soccer itself and can help guide players to aspire for excellence, both on and off the pitch.

Once learning about the values, coaches will then work in small groups exploring how to give practical examples of these values, and they use stories from their own culture and history to explain them. This allows the coaches to gain a sense of ownership of this process and ensures their learning is relevant, sustainable and fits within their cultural context.

During the workshop, the coaches will also practice teaching a group of young players, and reinforcing their own training. In the weeks after the workshop, the coaches introduce the program to their clubs and academies, directly impacting over 2250 youth players.

Watch the video below to see a synopsis of the Peace Club “Play Soccer, Make Peace” project:

Peace Club is going to Jordan and Palestine from Peter van Geldern on Vimeo.

To make a contribution and learn more, visit the Peace Club’s IndieGoGo page below:

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