Operation Pitch Invasion: Bless Field

Before going into Operation Pitch Invasion’s latest project, first a word on some of their impressive accomplishments:

* Over 900 hours of volunteer labor to improve pitches in Portland neighborhoods.

* Those volunteer hours went into helping level, seed and restore 8 fields, repaint 70 goals, remove yards of concrete and repair irrigation equipment.

* Improvements were made or pitches were added to 4 different City of Portland parks and 2 of Portland’s public schools.

2013 will be the start of one of Operation Pitch Invasion’s most ambitious projects: the construction of Bless Field, a youth-sized all-season pitch for the kids of Portland’s New Columbia neighborhood (one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Portland with nearly 1,200 kids from 22 countries speaking more than 11 different languages).


Bless Field

This project is designed to help provide support to AC Portland-sponsored work through nearby Rosa Parks Elementary School, as well as after-school programs through the Regence Boys & Girls Club.


* Spread the word: Help Operation Pitch Invasion get the word out (share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…)

* Sign up: Get the latest updates from the project, as well as volunteer opportunities and other special events.

* Contact: All kinds of help are needed in order to get this project done. Contact us if you have skills or resources you can contribute toward the project.

Donate: Operation Pitch Invasion needs to raise approximately $200,000 to make Bless Field a reality. To make a donation, please use this donation form.

To learn more, visit the OPI website and follow them on Twitter and their blog.

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