Must see TEDTalk from A World of Football

About the film:

Alban Herinckx & Sean Carter are two members of the A World of Football team, which took on a mission to find out more about social initiatives surrounding this sport and to narrate and raise awareness on the worldwide impact of football on youth development and integration into society. More than just a universal sport, they will show in this TEDx talk how football has become a way of life for millions of children providing structures, strong values and above all guidance which isn’t always easy to come across when living conditions don’t allow it.

About ‘A World of Football':

aworldoffootballA World of Football believes football has the unique ability to bring together and unite people of different races, cultures and religions in spite of borders, languages, income differences and even wars.


A World of Football has three main area of activities:

*  Through writing and video, AWOF raises awareness of soccer for social change organizations who are involved with football throughout the world:

– In Belgium, the organization ‘VoetbalKraks’, offers the opportunity for autistic children to play football together and to socialize through sport (Video:

– In the Middle East, “Football 4 Peace” organizes friendly football games between Israeli and Palestinians children (Video:

–  In Rwanda, Espérance uses football not only to reconcile differences within the population, but also to raise awareness of dire issues that face young people and their communities. (Video:

– In South Africa, Whizz Kids United uses football for teaching HIV awareness to youth (Video:

– In India, see how football can help to change the mindset of the population in Bihar, India, where the marriage of young girls is still a current issue (Video:

– In Thailand, learn the incredible story of the floating football pitch on Panyee Island (Video:

– In Argentina, Boca Juniors is one of the most popular teams in South America. More than a club, Boca impacts the whole community. (Video:

– In Brazil, learn how football is used as a tool to help ex drug soldiers to reintegrate society (Video:

– In the Ukraine and Poland, AWOF examines the role of football in society by putting into perspective the local and social side of football with a big event such as UEFA EURO 12 (Video:

* AWOF works together with the international organization “Peace and Sport” in order to raise awareness among international sport and political actors on the role of sport as an integration vector.

*  In Belgium, AWOF works in close collaboration with 15 classes from an elementary school. The students actively participate in the project as they interact with each other on the AWOF website. This allows them to be come familiar with the cultures and countries in their Roadbook (see the projects mentioned above), but also in order to learn about the social problems affecting the millions other children around the world.

* Website:
* Social media: Facebook, Vimeo

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