Likoni Community Football League


The Likoni Community Football League is a community-based youth organization in Likoni, Mombasa, Kenya. The League was founded two years ago by Ben Levey.

To mobilize, inspire, create, and thus build and strengthen individuals and the community through soccer.

To provide a competition base that exposes young people to the sport of soccer and provides opportunities to create leaders within the community.  The L.C.F.L. will become a gateway for other organizations to educate and enrich the lives of thousands of Likoni’s children.

Where they operate:
Likoni has a population of 176,440 people, with 2/3 of the population under 24 years old. Likoni is part of Mombasa, the 2nd largest city in Kenya located on the Indian Ocean and home to East Africa’s largest port. The port cuts Likoni off from Mombasa  causing Likoni to have the highest rate of poverty in the city. Approximately 45% of Likoni’s residents live on less than $1 US per day.

What they do:

  • The LCFL operates year-round with League play overlapping with the school calendar from January to March and May to September with games being played every Sunday (with due time-out for Ramadan). Last season there were 36 Boys teams and 2 Girls teams.
  • LCFL also holds coaching and referee clinics for any league member wishing to attend and offers these clinics annually.
  • LCFL offers programs in Peace & Security, Anti-drugs, HIV/AIDS, and female empowerment throughout the year as well.

Make a donation:
The Fund for the City of New York is the Likoni Community Football League’s fiscal sponsor. You can make a donation here.

Contact information:
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Plus

Short Film on Likoni Community Football League:

LCFL from Likoni Community Football League on Vimeo.

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