Kits 4 Causes

Formerly known as Afrikit, Kits 4 Causes sends donated football/soccer shirts, kits and equipment all over the world, helping social development organisations and projects as well as providing fun, all through football.

“We aim to help any organisation in any country throughout the world who works directly with a community or communities to help solve a social problem. Football provides a real incentive for change, and we aim to work with any organisation that recognises the use of football for social change.”

Where they work:
Based in the UK, Kits 4 Causes’ work benefits youth in some of the poorest communities around the world. See their impressive list of community partners to get an idea of how many communities benefit from their efforts.

– Helped to break-down the enshrined stigma of HIV/AIDs via the use of football, tackling HIV/AIDs head on via the use of preventive education.

– Helped to bring warring communities together, playing an active role in the South Sudan as well as in Northern Nigeria between Christian and Muslim communities.

– Helped to increase the importance of education, increasing attendance at schools.

– Helped to widen the reach of health education provided by organisations.

– Put a smile on over 9000 people and brought them a bit of joy and happiness.

Why soccer?:
* For Fun- Ultimately, football provides fun. Many people can remember a time when we put on our teams football shirt and pretended to be our favorite player, or the joy we got from playing for our local team.

* For Building & Strengthening Community – Football can become the glue in even the most fragmented of communities. A simple gesture such as donating your unused football shirt can bring communities back together again.

* For Education – Kits 4 Causes uses donated shirts to entice people to break social barriers and to be educated, so as they can be part of a better tomorrow. It is incredible to think how football and a simple gesture as offering a football shirt can be so influential. Afrikit works with charities that educate and provide awareness to people about HIV and AIDS, and who save lives through their work via the power of football.

How to donate:
* What does Kits 4 Causes accept?
The following items in good condition and clean:
Football Shirts – All types (replica, amateur team etc.) regardless of age or size.
Football Shorts
Football Socks
Football Accessories – Shinpads etc.
Football Boots
Football equipment – bibs, training jackets etc.

* Hold a Kits 4 Causes event

* For more information on how to donate kits or money, please visit:

Contact information:
– Website:
– Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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1 comment on “Kits 4 Causes”

  1. Francis Eusebias Reply

    Aspire Mega Soccer Academy(AMSA ) is a sports centred charitable organization established to transform the lives of impoverished and vulnerable youths through soccer and education in KENYA.

    We use soccer to make these children love education /school. Some of whom would otherwise be on the streets. We strive to identify, nurture and develop soccer, leadership skills and provide educational opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children.

    In this respect, we’re requesting for soccer equipment -soccer boots, uniforms, shin guards,sweat jackets, socks,balls etc. Please how can you assist? Our postal address is – p.o box 766-40300,Homa Bay, KENYA. Looking forward to your most considerate response.
    Francis Eusebias.
    Director (AMSA )

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