Indie GoGo: Support Tápa Yuhá Wacipi – Soccer for Lakota Youth

DancingWithABallThe Tápa Yuhá Wacipi project (translation Dancing With A Ball™ ) is designed to bring soccer to Lakota children, primarily those who live on or near Reservations in South Dakota.

The primary goal of Tápa Yuhá Wacipi is to introduce Lakota children to soccer, and to encourage them to adopt the sport as a natural activity and a part of their culture. To help foster a sense of soccer culture, we will also demonstrate how to make a soccer ball from plastic bags and twine, or rags, as is often done by children in developing nations. This will also be a good opportunity to get their parents involved as well, since parents’ support will be critical to the sustainability of soccer on the Cheyenne River Reservation.

Dancing With A Ball™ was conceived by Fabiana Meredith of Rapid City, and Randy & Carol McKee of Sioux Falls, after Elizabeth Lone Eagle of Bridger, South Dakota, made a post on Facebook.

Watch the video below to learn and visit the Indie GoGo campaign to make a campaign contribution. There’s only 3 days left, so please hurry!

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