Holiday Charitable Giving Guide: Girls and Football SA


“Strength. Pride. Courage. Resilience. Spirit.”
Jos Dirkx
Founder/Director of Girls Football SA

Welcome to the sixth post in my holiday charitable giving guide.

Today, I’m proud to present Girls and Football SA, an award-winning initiative that encourages the development of girls and young women in South Africa through sport, media and education.


girlsfootballSATheir goals include:

  • Giving a voice to the female football players in South Africa and grant them a chance to share their passion and the hardships they have encountered as female athletes.
  • Promoting awareness about sport and development and how this influences the lives of girls and women in South Africa in a positive manner.
  • Encouraging adolescent girls (10-19) and young women (20-26) to be role models for each other through football by working together during workshops.
  • Placing emphasis on the importance of football in the lives of adolescent girls and young women and allow them the joyful experiences that they deserve.

Need some inspiration? Read about Girls & Football SA’s impact from Founder/Director Jos Dirkx

The award winning Girls & Football SA encourages the development of girls in South Africa through sport, media and education. HIV/Aids, teen pregnancy and violence against girls and women are highly prevalent in South Africa. At Girls & Football SA, we believe football is a source of empowerment for girls, equipping them with a strong sense of body ownership and promoting self esteem. Frequently, leadership qualities highlighted by access to sport are allocated solely to the development of boys. This significantly impedes the development of girls, resulting in an imbalance in South African society.

Inspired by this fact and the need to provide girls with a platform to develop, Girls & Football SA involves the local and global community by encouraging sport as a developmental tool for girls and by raising awareness about important issues that influence the lives of girls in South Africa. We conduct workshops combining life skills training and football to empower girls at a grass roots level.

We also do loads of fun work using creative media. For example, on October 11th we celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child. We asked our players to share with us why they love being a girl! Check out what they had to say right here: 

We’ve seen an immense change in our players, and in the perception of women’s football in South Africa on a whole. This makes us even more excited to move forward into 2014 with high spirits and ready to hit the field!

Make a donation to Girls & Football SA through their Global Giving page.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: TwitterFacebookYouTube

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