Help the Yuwa girls compete in Spain

donosti_puspaTHE STORY:

Society tells girls to fit in. Yuwa coaches girls to stand out.

This July, 18 extraordinary girls from rural India will make history as the first soccer team from India ever to compete in Spain. These girls, most of whose families subsist on less than one dollar a day, are rewriting their futures through soccer. Donosti Cup, Spain’s biggest tournament, is sponsoring Yuwa’s team — dubbed the ‘Supergoats’ — in Spain.  Together we can make sure these girls get a chance to play…

What good does allowing these young women to play in one of the world’s biggest soccer tournaments do?

The 18 girls on ‘Supergoats’ were chosen by their coaches and their peers as the most outstanding role models in Yuwa. Each one of these girls dedicates herself to her education, acts as a positive leader on her team and plays fearlessly. She is an inspiration for thousand of girls dreaming of a better future. In one of the world’s epicenters of child marriage and human trafficking, each Yuwa girl has overcome great odds and opposition from her parents, her brothers and uncles, and her society to prove that a girl’s place does not have to be in the house.

When asked by a school principal to explain why Yuwa is important to her, Supergoats captain 13-year-old Rinky responded, “Before I joined Yuwa, people didn’t look at me or know my name. Now when I walk through the village, everyone knows my name.”


Will you join Yuwa? To help, please visit their Crowdrise fundraising page:

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