Girls Kick It

Girls Kick It is a soccer program empowering young women of post-conflict areas in Northern Uganda.

Girls Kick It’s Chicken House Project won the 2012 Beyond Sport “Sport For Inclusion” Award.

Girls Kick It believes women must be intimately involved in addressing key issues in northern Uganda such as: HIV/AIDS, health and nutrition, raising children and peace-building. Girls Kick It utilizes the power of soccer to compliment ongoing efforts to train, educate, empower, and provide healthy and economically sustainable opportunities for young girls and women living in Northern Uganda.

Background and history:
Northern Uganda has been consumed in civil war for more than twenty-three years. Many of the victims in this struggle are  women and girls who were abducted from their homes and forced to serve as sex slaves to members of the Lords Resistance Army. The civil war has decimated local resources and there is little support available to help these women and girls recover from the traumas endured during their abduction.

What they do:

* Girls Kick It began their work in 2006 and have positively impacted the lives of more than 300 girls. The program consisted of athletic games, team-building and leadership-building activities and weekly soccer practice.

* Girls Kick It partnered with their parent organization, Global Youth Partnership for Africa (GYPA) and organized mixed gender teams to represent Uganda at the Homeless World Cup in 2006 and 2007. They also organized an all-female team for the Female Homeless World Cups in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

* Girls Kick It has also developed the Sport for Social Change Leadership Curriculum, a very successful program which uses peer-to-peer training model to help girls and women develop important life-skills. Topics include: HIV/AIDS prevention, domestic violence and personal hygiene.

* The Gweno (chicken) Cooperative Enterprise Project is a recent program designed to equip Girls Kick It players with business and management skills. The project teaches the girls and women how to develop a poultry house business. The plan is for every team to manage and maintain a poultry house in order to generate sustainable income for these young women.

Visit their website ( to make your donation to help fund programming, outreach, and construction of a poultry house.

When you click on the PayPal Donate button, you will be taken to GLOBAL YOUTH PARTNERSHIP FOR AFRICA PayPal page. Please note your support for Girls Kick It!

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