Football Beyond Borders: The Balkans Project 2013


This year Football Beyond Borders (FBB) will be embarking on its fifth annual tour from 8/28/13 – 9/18/13 to the Balkans. For the first time FBB will be taking a men’s and women’s team to the region which in Croatia in 1991 and then in Bosnia in 1992 saw the start of one of the worst wars in history. 21 years on since the start of the war in former Yugoslavia, Croatia is about to join the European Union, Bosnia is the 5th poorest country in Europe and Serbia are dubbed racist by the international footballing governing bodies.

FBB will be visiting Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade using football in a multitude of ways to engage with people from the region raising issues entrenched in football such as racism, nationalism, sexism and ethnic-segregation.

Visit Football Beyond Borders’ page or click on the graphic below to learn more and support this important campaign.


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