FARE Action Weeks work to end discrimination in football

FARE2013The FARE Football People Action Weeks are a two-week period (this year from October 15th to October 29th) in which events and activities take place throughout Europe challenging discrimination and celebrating the positive power of football in uniting people and breaking barriers.

According to their website, the general objectives of the FARE network are:

  • To promote a commitment to fight discrimination at all levels of football across Europe – in stadiums, on the pitch, in administration, in coaching and sport education and through the media
  • Use the appeal of football to tackle societal discrimination
  • To foster networking and exchange of good practice transnationally
  • To undertake activities to capacity build and empower marginalized and discriminated groups, in particular young people, migrants, ethnic minorities, members of the LGBT communities and women.

The FARE Football People Action Weeks aim to:

  • Increase public awareness of the discrimination in football
  • Create a united front by bringing together everyone in football
  • Develop ideas and new practices that challenge exclusion

The FARE Action Weeks began with humble beginnings in 2001 but has now grown to become the largest series of anti-discrimination activities in any sport in the world. Last year’s campaign consisted of over 500 events taking place in 44 countries. This year’s Action Weeks are expected to include over 1,000 events to take place in over 40 European countries.

FARE offers supporter groups, fan clubs, ethnic minority organizations, football clubs and NGOS the opportunity to submit proposals for financial support for different types of activities and events. FARE provides small-scale funds for up to 250 groups. For this year’s Action Weeks, FARE has offered larger event grants to support nationwide activities.

Read this year’s program book:

You can follow this year’s events via FARE Network’s website and social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.




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