Cleats for Bare Feet launches IndieGoGo campaign

c4bfindiegogoCleats for Bare Feet has launched a crowdfunding campaign on to raise $50,000 to create a social giving web platform that makes the giving process more interactive.

This campaign allows C4BF to design a platform that will leverage the collaborative capabilities of the web in order to connect the following three groups:

1. People who have equipment to donate;

2. Players and organizations who need cleats;

3. People who can take cleats abroad while on their travels around the world. The web platform will solve the distributive difficulties associated with sending equipment to those who need it and it will also re-imagine the typical donation process as a more interactive and enriching experience. Users will be able to track their cleats as they travel the world, discover the impact they are making, and connect with others through the love of the game.

Watch the video below and considering making a contribution to the campaign:


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