Centre For Access to Football in Europe (CAFE)

CAFE is working with supporters, clubs and governing bodies towards one clear goal: to build a more accessible and inclusive match-day experience for disabled supporters across Europe.


CAFE’s purpose is inclusivity and equality of experience. As football embraces diversity in
all its forms, CAFE works to raise disability awareness throughout Europe by:

  • Promoting equal access to all European football stadiums and their clubs;
  • Acting as accessible stadia consultants and to recognize and share good practice wherever it exists (facilities and services);
  • Establishing a European network of local and national disabled football supporters groups as user-led self-advocates at a local level;
  • Enabling more disabled people to follow and get involved in football at all levels of the game.

Work and Accomplishments:
CAFE’s work includes:

  • Partnering with UEFA and their 54 member associations;
  • The production of ‘Access for All’ – the UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating and Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience. (see below);
  • Worked with UEFA to deliver the UEFA EURO 2012 Respect Inclusion – Football with No Limits project in Poland and Ukraine;
  • Act as advisors to UEFA for its tournament finals (UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League) each year;
  • Support disabled fans across Europe in setting up user-led groups or association in order to help supporters become self-advocates for promoting disability awareness;
  • Work closely with various European organizations including: FARE Network, Supporters Direct in Europe and Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

The Guide:
CAFE has produced a short guide to explain the work that they do and how football matches can be made accessible to all.

You can access the entire guide in PDF format here.

Website: www.cafefootball.eu
Blog: www.cafefootball.eu/blog
Social Media: FacebookTwitter, YouTube

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