Best Practices: GOALS Haiti and their year in numbers

If you have any sort of interest in the topic of sports and social change and you don’t know about the work of GOALS Haiti, you’re missing out.

GOALS Haiti has had a tremendous impact in the rebuilding efforts taking place in Haiti, using soccer to empower youth and adults to organize themselves and develop projects to improve shelter, leadership, education and infrastructure.

In just a short time, GOALS Haiti has rightfully been recognized for their work. In 2012, Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and Chairman of the Beyond Sport Ambassadors, presented the award for Best New Project, to GOALS Haiti.

I’ve featured GOALS Haiti here on the site before ( but today I wanted to point out the creative and useful way in which the organization used infographics to tell their story.

Recently, GOALS Haiti published their 2012 Annual Report and while browsing through the report, I came across this awesome infographic:

GOALS Graphic


This graphic really effectively shows not just the work taking place, but also the impact on youth, adults and the community at large.

Some quick highlights you can gather in just a brief look at the graphic:

* From the first to the second year, GOALS Haiti has doubled their participants.

* Both the direct impact on children and the indirect impact on households has shown considerable growth every 6 months.

* The organization works hard to employ local Haitians (18 of 19 employees are Haitian), thus helping ensure community buy-in as well as positively impacting the local economy.

* In their second annual soccer camp in Leogane, participants collect more than 4,050 gallons of trash from the public beaches.

* Children in the GOALS Haiti program participated in daily soccer practice (107,520 total hours), community service (26,889 hours) and GOALS’ educational seminars (26,886 hours) that take place outside of school.

This infographic is an important tool not just for building awareness about the project, but also can be used in fundraising. I can see this graphic being printed out on cards and used as a sort of “elevator speech” to describe the work and impact of GOALS Haiti.

In terms of online fundraising, GOALS Haiti is using this infographic in their CauseVox fundraising campaign ( From visiting that page, I also learned another great nugget of information about their project:


I think this is something which would have been great to add to the infographic. For a potential donor, this bit of information may very well be the clincher. It tells you that GOALS Haiti maintains a low overhead and uses their funds wisely to provide a positive impact (both directly & indirectly… see the graphic above) to the Leogane community.

To learn more about GOALS Haiti, please visit their website:


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