A Different League


A Different League: Where Next in the Evolution of Women’s Football? is a feature length documentary focusing on the success, development and future of the women’s game played in England.

Produced by PLUS44 Films, A Different League joins women’s football after the phenomenal success of the London 2012 Olympic games. With extensive access to leading figures within the women’s game at the Football Association, as well as in-depth focus on Arsenal Ladies and Charlton Athletic Women, ADL kicks opens the door to women’s football as never seen before.

From their website:

“One of the main objectives for ‘A Different League’is to change opinions. It’s to help bring parity to a sport that deserves just as much recognition as their male counterparts. It’s safe to say that there are differences in the game, but there are also many similarities, none of which make either game better of worse than the other, just different, and that’s what I’m keen to portray.”

You can follow the progress of the film via social media.


A trailer is in the works and will be released soon. In the meantime check out this brief clip:

A Different League – Official Trailer from PLUS44 Films on Vimeo.

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