YALLA San Diego

YALLA (Youth And Leaders Living Actively) is an organization in San Diego, California using soccer to motivate child survivors of war and immigrant youth to help rebuild their lives through education and eco-therapy programs.

YALLA’s mission is to empower immigrant families and their children, guiding their community through soccer and art to develop the knowledge and confidence to pursue their physical and intellectual goals. We will work to cultivate a healthy disposition, honesty, and hope in refugee youth as they learn the merit of commitment and grasp the dynamics of leadership.

Soccer Programs:
* Peace Builders Soccer League (PBSL): The PBSL brings child survivors of war and immigrant youth from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America to play together, become teammates and to build community.

* YALLA Soccer Club (YSC): YALLA uses soccer as the incentive to help players become mature scholar-athletes. All players in the competitive soccer program earn their scholarship by adhering to YALLA’s rigorous academic program.

Other programs:
* Leadership: Players, who have exhibited exceptional leadership skills in the YALLA competitive programs, are selected and undergo training to become coaches and leaders in the Peace Builders League. Participants receive coaching and leadership training as well as paid stipends.

* Eco-Therapy: YALLA organizes regular outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and various service days, including river clean-ups, invasive plant removal, and planting new trees. Eco-Therapy programs focus on building community pride and promoting shared prosperity, while exposing refugee and immigrant youth to the many benefits that nature has to offer.

* Education: YALLA emphasizes a strong academic commitment requiring all soccer players to participate in their academic program. The program emphasizes academic tutoring, life skills, the development of healthy interactions and preparation for higher education.

How to get involved:
* Partnerships: If your business is interested in being a YALLA partner, please contact info[at]yallasd[dot]com.

* Volunteering: Individuals, families, social clubs, and other organizations are all welcome to participate. Volunteers typically tutor scholar-athletes after school or help organize fundraising events.

If you or your organization is interested in volunteering with YALLA, please contact volunteer[at]yallasd[dot]com.

You can make a donation to YALLA online.

Contact information:
* Website: www.yallasd.com
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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