Why The Women’s World Cup Matters

About the project:

In 2015, Canada is hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Why The Women’s World Cup Matters is using one of the world’s biggest sporting events as a way to educate and bring awareness about how sports and physical activity can provide equality on and beyond the playing field.

Why The Women’s Cup Matters is dedicated to making changes for the betterment of girls and women in Canada with the effort that it will generate change and goodwill globally.  In soccer, girls make up 47% of the playing membership but receive less than 10% of the funding, while also involved in less than 1% of the decision making process on national and provincial boards. Girls and women are invisible as professional coaches with less than 1% actively working, yet the Canadian national team has successfully achieved positive results in the past two Olympic Games and five World Cup appearances over the last two decades.


“To bring awareness towards the benefits and challenges girls and women face on and off the field and to communicate, strategize and collaborate initiatives to bring a legacy of change.”

Why girls sports matters?

Sports can make a huge difference in the lives of girls and women.

Involvement in sports can provide an opportunity for girls to overcome these challenges, just to name a few:

* Economic neglect & poverty
* Teenage pregnancy
* Rape & genital mutilation
* Domestic abuse
* Limited educational opportunities
* Absence of political representation

As more girls and women become aware of the World Cup and the power of soccer, it sends a message that they too are important and can achieve the dreams they aspire to in their own life on or off a soccer field.

Project goals:

“The choice to play and enjoy being active

To play, referee or coach without ridicule or violence

To be supported by family, friends and community

To have adequate equipment and equal field access

To have organizational structures for practices, games and leagues

To learn and be guided by experienced coaches and trainers

To have a hierarchy of levels to strive towards from recreation to university, professional, national team, Olympic and World Cup Competitions

To have equitable financial backing at national and professional levels that enables players to train regularly and to earn a living through their sport

To be recognized by media and the community

To gain sponsorship and financial rewards to support the commitment and sacrifices they have made to dedicate to full time training

To create professional leadership career opportunities such as coaching, management, scouting, governance and logistics

To have a say in their own game

Girls and women want to be respected for their abilities, treated fairly, encouraged, feel important, be challenged, strive to be their best, to create friendships and feel a part of a group. They want to win, to score goals, to excel in performance, to play with style, to be tough, committed, to travel, to be healthy, to be physically attractive and to be free to choose their own destiny with their bodies and activities.

They also want to bring the positive lessons they learned through soccer and sport into their education, careers, business, relationships and lifestyle.”

Source: http://www.whythewomensworldcupmatters.com/what-girls-and-women-want/


Planned programs and events include:

* Speaker’s bureau
* First Nations Girls Soccer Program
* Women’s Coaching Academy
* Documentary film

Get involved:

* Sponsorship Opportunities

* Join the Team - Get on the Roster by joining the Leadership Circle to Create Programs, Opportunities, Awareness and Fair Play for Girls & Women.

– Membership: Free (click to join our Facebook)

– Why the Women’s World Cup T-Shirt & Sticker $24.99

– Upload your soccer photos: $.99

* Make a donation.

Contact information:

* Website: www.WhyTheWomensWorldCupMatters.com

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* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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