WhizzKids United

WhizzKids United is an interactive, youth-focused program using football to educate adolescents about life skills, gender equality, health, HIV and AIDS prevention.

WhizzKids United is based in Durban, South Africa and is operated by Africaid, a registered charity in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

“To deliver effective HIV prevention, care, treatment and support to youth worldwide through the medium of football.”

* WhizzKids United Health Academy
The Academy offers sexual health services: HIV Counselling and Testing, an Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) support and feeding scheme, one-on-one sexual health counseling, psychological support for HIV positive youth and sexual assault crisis referral as well as antiretroviral treatment (ART). The Academy also provides recreational activities, academic support groups and even a Mixed Gender Football League.

* Life Skills
Through the Life Skills Football Training curriculum, participating youth will develop the following learning outcomes:
1. Health Education
– Learn that everyone has control over one’s own mind, body and health
– Learn facts about HIV/AIDS and learn how to refute myths and misconceptions
– Learn the importance of HIV testing
– Learn how to put on and use a condom; how to negotiate condom usage with a sex partner; and how to abstain from sex until marriage

2. Personal Development
– Learn to become goal-oriented
– Learn to be motivated and hopeful about the future
– Learn how to deal with peer pressure; how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations; how to build self-confidence to take an HIV test; and how to work in a team
– Learn to feel a sense of accomplishment for completing the Life Skills training

3. Social Development
– Learn to become an advocate for gender equality
– Learn to see football as not just a ‘boys sport’
– Learn to become an advocate against the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS
– Learn to appreciate the importance of following rules & the law

4. Physical Development
– Learn to appreciate the benefits of an active lifestyle
– Learn the importance of good nutrition
– Learn about the benefits of engaging in sports

* Mixed Gender Football League
An after-school football league where boys and girls play together on the same team. The league has special rules designed to help promote gender equality. The league has been a great success with many of the youth registering and participating in other WhizzKids United programs and services.

* “Team Talk” Peer Education
At the conclusion of the Life Skills Football Training, one boy and one girl are chosen to be trained as Peer Educators. They also receive training about sexual health education so they can encourage peers to access services if needed.

How to get involved:
* Intern with Whizz Kids United.

* Become a corporate sponsor.

* Make a donation.

* Join WhizzKids United for 12 weeks on a volunteer vacation.

Contact information:
* Website: www.whizzkidsunited.org/
* Blog: www.whizzkidsunited.org/blog
* Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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