USA Deaf Soccer Association

The USA Deaf Soccer Association is made up of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Men & Women throughout the country.

Deafness in soccer:
“Deafness is a hidden ‘disability’. In sports such as soccer, players face certain hidden disadvantages, such as not being able to hear their coach’s instructions during a game, a referee’s decision or the roar of the crowd. Because deaf soccer players compete regularly against their hearing peers, these aspects of the game taken for granted, can make a difference during the course of a match.

Eligibility for deaf soccer competitions:
* Players must have an average hearing loss of 55 Decibels or more in the best ear.

* All players competing in deaf matches must remove all hearing aids before playing which creates another obstacle to overcome (balance – another important advantage for a hearing player).

How to get involved:
* Volunteer: USA Deaf Soccer is looking for volunteers to help with scouting and recruiting of players for the next USA Deaf teams. If you are interested in becoming a scout/recruiter, please contact Mark Sorokin.

* Become a sponsor: Please email USA Deaf Soccer President Ken Noll for sponsorship information.

* Join the team: The men’s squad plays at a level equal to that of a strong NCAA Division 2 team. Players who will be successful with the Men’s Team typically have club and/or college soccer experience. The women are the reigning 2005 and 2009 Deaflympics Gold Medal winners.

There is no age minimum or maximum requirement. The ages of players selected to the squad range from as young as 15 to as old as 38, with the average age being approximately 23 to 26. For info on trying out for the Men’s Squad, please contact the men’s representative Mike Hansen; for info on trying out for the Women’s Squad please contact the women’s representative Felicia Schroeder.

Make a donation to support the USA Deaf Soccer Assocation.

Contact us:
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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2 comments on “USA Deaf Soccer Association”

  1. Benson Reply

    I really do feel that any sport can save the world – being that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it is definitely the one with most promise. However, fans need to stop fighting and hating on eachother for this to happen. We need to spread the word – even if people have their own affiliations and favorite teams, it’s no reason to physically abuse someone. Let’s hope many people see this website!

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