Uncharted Play: The SOCCKET Ball

Innovate. Play. Empower. Uncharted Play are the creators of SOCCKET, an eco-friendly electric generator in the form of a soccer ball.

“To create fun products and services that allow people to rethink the function of play both as a tool to address major issues facing society today and as a way to keep joy at the forefront of our lives.”

* The SOCCKET ball

– The need:  1/4 of the world lives without access to reliable electricity. Alternations, such as kerosene lamps, diesel generators, and woodburning stoves  produce harmful emissions and kill 1.6 million people each year, costing families up to 30% of their incomes.

– What it does: The SOCCKET provides a healthy alternative by improving access to lighting and electricity. With only 30 minutes of play, the SOCCKET provides 3 hours of light.

– How it works: A gyroscopic mechanism inside the SOCCKET ball captures the energy of the ball’s motion and converts it into clean electrical energy. The SOCCKET has a six-watt power output which can support many small appliances (lamps, mobile phones, fans, speakers, water purifiers, hot plates, etc…). The ball is designed and produced in the United States. The internal gyroscope is protected by a water-resistant shell that can be kicked by bare feet and best of all, requires no inflation.

* Coming in 2013: The LUDO ball that tracks the time you spend playing with it and wirelessly uploads your play data to The Play Fund, Uncharted Play’s new online giving platform. With the Ludo and The Play Fund, your play time is converted into currency that can be used to donate real-world items to support social projects.

How to get involved:

* Become a corporate distribution partner by contacting the Uncharted Play team at development[at]unchartedplay[dot]com.

* Become an implementation partner by filling out this contact form.

Contact information:
* Website: www.unchartedplay.com
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog

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