The Sanneh Foundation

The Sanneh Foundation is a locally based non-profit organization founded by former US World Cup soccer star, Tony Sanneh. The Foundation focuses on engaging underprivileged and minority youth in the Twin Cities and around the world in soccer programs in order to teach them valuable life lessons.

The Sanneh Foundation uses the appeal of sports, especially soccer, to unite diverse communities, helping at-risk youth develop into leaders and experience success.

Where they work:
The Sanneh Foundation is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


* Dreamline Corps
This program is a unique partnership between the Sanneh Foundation and urban public schools serving at-risk kids. It provides in-school academy support and an after-school program leadership skills building to improve academic performance and increase the capacity for youth to become productive adults.

During the Foundation’s after-school leadership program, students are engaged in learning five key leadership practices and applying these practices during the interactive game of soccer.  The leadership program “Model the Way” provides youth with opportunities to learn about goal setting, personal values, trust, ways we are influenced, taking risks, leadership qualities, the value of service to others, etc. through games, activities, writing exercises, skits, and small/large group discussions.

* For All Youth
The For All Youth initiative believes soccer provides a unique opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to come together around a shared goal or passion.

For All Youth teaches the four R’s of fighting racism:
* Receive training and learn to recognize and respond to racist incidents.
* Recognize racist incidents as they occur in real-time.
* Respond appropriately to racist incidents when they occur.
* Report racist incidents.

* Haitian Initiative
The Sanneh Foundation, in partnership with the Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation, formed the Haitian Initiative, a joint project dedicated to providing aid, equipment and soccer-based youth programming to the children of Haiti during the rebuilding process.

* Kick It Back
Kick It Back works to promote the need for new and gently worn soccer shoes, increase contributions, and serve as a vehicle to distribute the footwear to those in need.

The program starts with Tony Sanneh and his fellow Major League Soccer players and partners donating their used equipment to The Sanneh Foundation. The Foundation will distribute it to underprivileged individuals, children and foundations that share our common goal. This equipment represents an opportunity for all of us to give, grow and share the game of soccer.

Learn how to participate in the Kick It Back program.

* Free Park and Rec Camps
Every summer, The Sanneh Foundation and Sanneh Soccer give hundreds of kids who may not otherwise be able to attend a camp a week-long summer soccer experience at no cost to them.

How to get involved:
* VolunteerFill out the Volunteer Interest Form stating which programs or activities you wish to help with. To volunteer for camps, please contact Ben at 651.690.4855.

* Internships: Intern w/ the Sanneh Foundation.

* Donate shoes and equipment: To make a donation, please visit the Kick It Back page.

Make a tax-deductible donation

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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