streetfootballworld was founded in 2002 as as non-profit organization to promote positive change through football and has formed a network connecting over 90 organizations using soccer to address social issues all around the world.

streetfootballworld strives to unite organizations under the common goal of promoting positive change through football. This network helps organizations share best practices and expertise, build local capacity and sustainable partnership and present a new model of international cooperation.

“To change the world through football”

Why soccer?:
No sport in the world generates as much passion as football. Football can draw youth into social and youth development programs. No other game in the world can also bring people from all different walks of life together and can help establish common ground and unity.

The streetfootballworld Network:
The network currently unites over 90 independent organizations from more than 50 countries worldwide. Although each organization has its own methods for addressing local social issues, they all use football to achieve sustainable social change. (View all network members here).

* Goals & Focus:

1. Promotion of the approach Development through Football
The network helps publicize member events on regional and global levels to create and establish the idea of football as a tool for development.

2. Knowledge Management and Capacity Building
streetfootballworld provides network members with ways to enhance their capacities, share knowledge and benefit from each others’ experiences.

3. Development of new funding possibilities for network members
The network helps members develop new and sustainable funding concepts through introduction to possible partners in the private and public sectors.

4. Consultation of decision makers worldwide
External partners, particularly from the world of football and international development, are specifically approached and support the network.

* Knowledge Center: Created to provide inspirational stories from streetfootballworld network members, background material on how organizations are using football for positive social development, and advice for starting or strengthening your own football-based development program.

Topics so far include: International Collaboration, Child Protection, Empowering Girls and Women, Football3, HIV/AIDS, Fundraising, Library, Youth Integration.

Get involved:
streetfootballworld has a variety of opportunities for involvement:

Opportunities include:
* Newsletter – Subscribe here
* Jobs – Are you interested in becoming involved in the field of Development through Football?
* Internships – Please visit Join the Team for current internship positions
* Volunteer – Please visit Join the Team to find out how you can become involved
* Become a partner – Partnerships are an integral element of streetfootballworld’s strategy. Find more information on the Partners page.
* Become a streetfootballworld network member – Visit Become a Network member to read more about how your organization can benefit from a membership in the streetfootballworld Network and how to apply.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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