Street Soccer USA’s “Rule the Field” program creates jobs for the homeless

Contact: Caleb Olson
Phone: 646.385.1714
Email: caleb[at]streetsoccerusa[dot]org


In Partnership with Eastern New York Referee Association, the SSUSA – ‘Rule the Field’ Referee Employment And Learning Course Begins Monday, September 17, 2012 at Help USA’s Shelter on Wards Island.

NEW YORK (September 17, 2012) — Street Soccer USA will host its first ever Referee Employment and Learning course for the homeless at the Help SEC on Wards Island each Monday and Wednesday from 7-9pm starting September 17, 2012. ‘Rule the Field’ is a 4-week course being provided free of charge to nearly 20 dedicated homeless soccer players and SSUSA staff through the generous support of the Eastern New York Referee Association and Help USA.


Street Soccer USA and its umbrella organization, HELP USA, use team sports to help adults and youths overcome poverty and homelessness. Players commit to change their lives by setting three-, six-, and 12-month personal goals. These 18 men and women participating in the referee course are just the first of many that we hope to provide with referee certification and future jobs in the soccer community. On an annual basis more than 75% of participants in the SSUSA program will achieve outcomes in housing placement, employment, further education and mental health/substance abuse treatment.  This referee course will be a complement the SSUSA curriculum used at weekly soccer practices to teach job and life skills to those fighting to overcome homelessness.

“Ever since I began working at Street Soccer USA I have witnessed so many personal achievements on and off the field by our players,” said SSUSA New York City Program Director Caleb Olson, “It is an exciting time to be coaching the NYC team and to provide a training course that will connect the players that I’ve become so close with to jobs through the sport I love.”

Ending Homelessness is a team sport and here are just a few ways to join the fight:
  1. Sponsor a player by purchasing them a referee uniform
  2. Donate old referee uniforms
  3. Volunteer in the computer lab at Help SEC so players can complete online tutorials


About Street Soccer USA

Street Soccer USA is a national league of sport for social change programs in 20 cities across the country where teams train and compete in local leagues and work through a special curriculum of life and job skills.  Street Soccer USA uses team sports to help adults and youths overcome poverty and homelessness. Players commit to change their lives by setting three-, six-, and 12-month personal goals. By creating a team structure that is fun, positive, and universal, it provides participants with a family-like support group that helps build relationships of trust and stability. Players are challenged by their own personal motives and team expectations to accomplish their goals, helping to build character, confidence, and hope.

About Help USA

HELP USA is the leading national developer of housing and provider of jobs and services for homeless and at risk populations in the country, including families, veterans and victims of domestic violence. HELP has served more than 280,000 people since it was founded in 1986 and today serves more than 12,000 each year at 30 residences across the country. To date, HELP has developed more than 2,500 units of housing including transitional and permanent supportive service programs.

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1 comment on “Street Soccer USA’s “Rule the Field” program creates jobs for the homeless”

  1. Charlie Reply

    It is so amazing to see how soccer is influencing the life of some many who are haunted by the terrible force that is poverty. Soccer requires discipline, teamwork, agility and most of all heart. These are qualities and strengths that must be earned and it is great to see them being taught to individuals who are struggling financially. Soccer taught me some of the greatest life lessons ever.

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