Street Child World Cup


In 2010, teams of street children from all around the world came to Durban to compete in the first Street Child World Cup. In 2014, the second Street Child World Cup will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is estimated that 100 million children live and work on the streets of our world’s cities. Street children are exposed to sexual and violent abuse, exploitation and trafficking, seldom receiving any protection from the police and judicial systems.


“To inspire a change in public perception so that street children are given the protection and opportunities that all children deserve.”

The Street World Cup:

* Eight teams of street children from four continents competed in the inaugural Street Child World Cup. These teams were each brought by partner projects that were able to support the children before during and after the event and ensure that these children were able to receive IDs, passports and permissions required to take part.

* As part of the event the children took part in the first of its kind international street child conference. The activities from the conference led to the creation of the Durban Declaration and Street Girls Manifesto.

* The 2014 Street Child World Cup will be a far larger event with far greater reach with an estimated 20 teams taking part in separate boys and girls tournaments.

The Durban Declaration:

The declaration was a call to action from children of the Deloitte Street Child World Cup 2010. This was presented to the UN Committee on Human Rights along with Governments of participating countries.

Following the success of the Street Child World Cup, the Durban Declaration demands that every child be given their rights, that basic human rights are not negotiable and that is the duty of governments and of society in general to provide the basic opportunities for each child.

The children from the Philippines also made a short film to illustrate the Durban Declaration:

The five children in this video now live at Mango Tree House, a project of ASCF, a charity working in the Philippines. Each of them attends school full-time and now have the chance to become what they choose to be.

* How to get involved

There are many opportunities to get involved in the Street Child World Cup through fundraising, sponsorships, and more. Current opportunities are below:

- Events: The Rough Sleep

- Set up a fundraising page through My Donate

* Contact Information:

- Website:

- Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

- Video Gallery:

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