Soccer For Peace Foundation

Soccer for Peace Foundation (SFP) is a Miami-based non-profit dedicated to generating awareness of and supporting projects in Colombia using soccer as a vehicle for social change.

Creating safe and peaceful communities, one goal at a time.

Where they work and why:
Colombia is one of the most “unequal” countries on the planet—where the gap between rich and poor is among the widest in the world. Specifically, Soccer For Peace initiatives target vulnerable neighborhoods and communities that often share these characteristics:

• Fragile or no civic institutions
• Extreme poverty and isolation
• Lack of public services
• High level of unemployment
• Presence of displaced populations from civil conflict
• Domestic violence and sexual abuse
• Gang warfare and drug trade

What they do:
Soccer for Peace’s initiatives in Colombia impact over 2,000 children ages 5-16 by providing grants, staff training, curriculum development and gear.

* Program goals:
Core Values: Respect, Honesty, Tolerance, Solidarity
– Bridging the Gender Gap
– Practicing Non-Violence
– Applying Values in Real Life: Life Skills Training
– Providing Nutritional Support
– Linking Children’s Programs with Families
– Promoting School Enrollment

* “Soccer For Peace” Methodology
– A minimum of two girls and two boys per team.
– Each boy and girl plays the same amount of time during the game.
– There are no referees. In their place are advisors, who act as facilitators.
– Conflicts that arise during the game must be solved by the players themselves.
– The first goal of each team must be scored by a girl.
– Children are encouraged to follow core values. They receive points for doing so.
– The game consists of three periods. During the first period, all players agree to follow fair play accords. During the second period, the game is played. During the third period, players evaluate themselves, as well as their opponents, and the final score is established.
– The advisor facilitates the fair play agreements during the first period and the self-evaluation in the third period. The advisor also mediates potential conflicts, and takes notes on the game.
– The winning team accumulates the most number of credits, which are then converted into points for the tournament’s scoreboard.
– If at the end of the tournament there is a draw, the team with the most points, as a result of values applied during the game, will be declared the winner.

How to get involved:
– Make a donation (
– Volunteer (see contact form on the SFP website)

Opportunities to contribute to Soccer For Peace Foundation include:
* Become a Goalkeeper For Peace: Adopt A Child
Just $15/month or $180 year guarantees that a boy or girl is enrolled in a Soccer For Peace program for a year.

* Gear Up For Peace
In-kind donations of soccer gear and shoes are welcomed and shipped to Colombia at no cost.

* Join the “Group of 100”
US companies pledging a $3,000 yearly donation to ensure the sustainability of the social interventions provided through Soccer For Peace initiatives. Strikers For Peace are “Group of 100” members who contribute $5,000 per year.
Champions For Peace are “Group of 100” companies investing $10,000 per year or more toward Foundation programs.

* Adopt A Team
When you adopt a team, you provide the resources to support Soccer for Peace membership for 11 boys and girls for an entire year. The annual investment is $1980.

Contact information:
* Website (English):
* Website (Spanish):
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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