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Seva Football (soccer) is a non-profit Youth Serving Youth group at Edina High School. Seva aims to promote soccer among minority and underprivileged youth across the world. Seva has started leagues for women in India and Vietnam and works to support Hmong, Latino, and Black communities in the Twin Cities.

To use football (soccer) to uplift girls and communities around the world. This mission is based on two principles: first, that playing football teaches life skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork; and second, that communities become stronger when girls have access to football and other sports.

* India 
Background: Allahabad is a city of just over one million people, in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh. Girls of all ages have an interest in football, but very few are able to play. Most do not have the resources to buy basic equipment such as cleats or a ball.

Activities: In the summer of 2008, Seva Football collaborated with the Crosthwaite Girls School in Allahabad to start a daily after-school football program for girls. They distributed cleats, shinguards, socks and jerseys to several dozen players. Volunteers from our organization coached for several weeks; we also recruited local residents to continue coaching the players, and supplied them with several tools including coaching manuals and cones. The program now sponsors more than 70 players between grades three and eleven.

* Vietnam
Background: Hung Tran High School in Dai Hai, Vietnam serves hundreds of children. Community members recently started a football program for boys, but fell short of resources to start a girls’ league. The girls’ passion for football runs high, and they could often be seen playing pickup games barefoot in their school uniforms on the field without nets.

Activities: In August 2010, Seva Football collaborated with the Hung Tran School to start a football league for girls. They distributed cleats, shinguards, socks and jerseys to several dozen players. Volunteers from our organization coached for several weeks and also recruited local residents to continue coaching the players. Currently they are renovating a field where both students of the school and area teams will be able to play.

* Minneapolis, Minnesota
Background: The Richard Green Central Park Elementary School serves much of the South Minneapolis community. Students at Green Elementary are very passionate about soccer, but many are unable to afford the costs of playing in a league and buying equipment. The school system cannot support a soccer program for non-high school students.

Activities: Seva started an after school soccer program for 2nd-5th graders at Green Elementary to run from October 2011 to May 2012. Seva volunteers will coach basic soccer skills and scrimmages twice a week: on Mondays, a group of 20 2nd and 3rd graders will play; on Tuesdays, 4th and 5th graders will play. Coaches will put emphasis on promoting teamwork, confidence, and dedication.

How to get involved:

* Donate equipment: Accept new and lightly-used football equipment of all brands with the highest priority being on cleats, shinguards, balls and jerseys. For more information, please email

* Sponsor a team:  If you are a volunteer organization or business group at one of our project locations, please consider sponsoring a team. Please contact Seva Football if you are interested in sponsoring a team near you.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook

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