Play 31

Play 31 is inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in which article 31 stipulates that all children have the right to play. Play 31 works to help build peaceful and tolerant societies which can ensure all children grow up in communities to be just that: children.

“Using the unifying power of football to bring together people who have been torn apart by war.”

Where they work:
Play 31 works in three districts in Sierra Leone as well as in Guinea and Liberia through their Tri-Nation Tournament.

What they do:

Play31’s trains local leaders as “Peace Ambasssadors” to educate locals in human rights, children’s rights, and conflict resolution, all with goal of helping communities come together to facilitate trauma healing. All programs involve close partnerships within local communities to ensure local ownership and leadership.


* Football for Reconciliation – Play 31’s main focus is to organize tournaments and celebration in the community to help build an environment which is conducive for people to come together and reconcile after war.

* Tri-Nation Tournament – reached around 50,000 people across communities in three districts in Sierra Leone as well as in Guinea and Liberia

* Make a donation.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social media: Facebook, Flickr

Play31 from emil ryge christoffersen on Vimeo.

Play31 information video.

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