Peace Passers

Peace Passers helps collect and distribute new and used soccer gear to people in need throughout the world.

“To collect and distribute soccer supplies to people and communities throughout the world.”

Where they work:
Peace Passers is based in the United States but has delivered soccer gear to 42 different countries worldwide.. You can view stories and places where soccer gear has changed lives on their distribution map.

Take a look at the groups who have donated soccer gear to Peace Passers.

Why soccer?:
Playing soccer improves quality of life, develops character, promotes teamwork & gives youth & adults an inspiration for living. Involvement in the game of soccer also promotes mutual respect, unity and positive relationships.

How to get involved:
* Donate soccer gear
– Team sets of jerseys or practice shirts.  Last season’s jerseys, etc.
– Team sets of shorts.
– Team sets of socks.
–  Soccer balls in good condition. (Meaning they still hold air). Size 3, 4, or 5. Please deflate before shipping. Include small pump or needle/s if able.
– Soccer shoes only.  Indoor turfs or outdoor cleats in good condition. For example boots you or your kids have grown out of, or cleats that you know are still good for play.
– Goalie jerseys and gloves in good condition.
– Ball bags, sport duffle bags, shoe bags, etc are an excellent way to pack the gear.
– Visit the link above to contact PeacePassers for shipping information and how to calculate shipping costs.

* Community Service Project
– Peace Passers serves as a platform for soccer players to participate in a fun & meaningful community service experience.
– Hold a Peace Passers fundraiser event with your friends, teammates, school, church, or local community.
– Volunteer to take PeacePassers soccer gear with you when traveling to global areas of need with (ie: mission trips, peace corp, sports ministries, etc).
Purchase Peace Passers gear (more gear available on Facebook)
– Spread the word about Peace Passers (see Twitter, Facebook, website links below)

* Make a tax-deductible donation at

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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