Kick4Life uses soccer to tackle poverty and disease while promoting development in Lesotho.

Changing lives through sport.

Why soccer?:
Lesotho has the third highest prevalence rate of HIV (23.2%) in the world. This has resulted in a high orphan population which has left many living without support on the streets and vulnerable to poverty, crime, poor health, prostitution and a lack of education. Kick4Life’s programs aim to use soccer as a way to reach vulnerable youth.

Where they work:
Lesotho is a country located in southern Africa.

* National HIV Prevention and Testing Campaign: This program uses the K4L Curriculum (a health and life-skills educational program for youth 12-18) and is taught by role models from the local community (teachers, peer educators and coaches). Goals of the project include:

– Education about HIV infection

– Education aimed at lowering stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV

– Working with youth on critical life skill development (self-esteem, teamwork, discipline, decision-making)

* Lesotho Football for Hope Centre: The Centre has a wide range of activities including:

– Sports activities

– Mentoring and referrals to housing, health, education and counseling services

– Job training and the Fit4Work program

– Support for vulnerable young women (teenage mothers, sex workers)

Literacy & Numeracy Basic Skills Course, a project providing opportunities for orphans and other vulnerable children who are out of school to get basic literacy, numeracy and computing skills. Other opportunities include computer lessons, English language classes, art, educational movies, tutoring and a library.

* Social Enterprise: These activities have been developed to offer participants the opportunity to gain experience as well as generating income for Kick4Life programs.

How to get involved:
* Join a Kick4Life All Stars Tour

* Join Kick4Life FC

* Raise money – Raise funds by starting a fundraising page at Just Giving.

* Volunteers – Learn about opportunities for service in the UK and in Lesotho.

* Partnerships – Learn about how your company, school or project can partner with Kick4Life

Learn how to make a donation to Kick4Life as well as what your donation goes to.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Blog:
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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