Kensington Soccer Club

Kensington Soccer Club is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization using soccer to make a positive difference in the lives of family and children in their community.

“The Kensington Soccer Club works with youth and families to organize positive, healthy, and fun youth soccer activities while building self-esteem, social skills, and community.”

Where they work:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What they do:
* Organize pick-up games, leagues, clinics, tournaments, travel teams and other fun soccer activities for players of all abilities and ages from the Kensington region of Philadelphia.

* Train coaches and parents to approach the game with positive energy and joy in order to pass it on to children in the community.

* Positively impact the Kensington community through soccer programs that:
– Incorporate violence-reduction strategies
– Provide healthy foods as well as instruction on proper eating, health and exercise
– Provide information about community resources (service providers, arts & cultural organizations, anti-violence efforts) for the use of youth and their families
– Empower girls to be soccer players, as well as respected leaders in their community
– Use coaching training and internship opportunities to assist teen players in improving their employment qualifications
– Recruit, empower and train parents to take on active roles within the organization
– Encourage and support players’ academic achievements

How to get involved:
Donate equipment or your time to co-coach, help with community outreach and/or help organize and coordinate club activities.

To make a financial contribution, visit this page.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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