Haiti Soccer Project


The Haiti Soccer Project, Inc. is a U.S. based non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of organized youth soccer in Haiti.


“To promote opportunities for youth to participate in organized soccer in Haiti”

What they do:

* Haiti Soccer Project distributes soccer gear: clothes and uniforms, shin guards, cleats, soccer balls, goals, and other soccer items.

* Recreation is the main focus of the project. The project uses volunteers to organized recreational activities for the children.

* Tournaments and clinics are organized for the community as well.

Why soccer?:

Haitians are incredibly passionate about soccer. The Haiti Soccer Project uses this passion to mobilize the community and offer unique opportunities to promote health, tolerance, teamwork, fair play, cooperation and unity. Soccer is also used as a vehicle for reinforcing and promoting family and societal values.

Where they work: 

Haiti. The project will be putting on clinics and tournaments this summer in 3 cities: Les Cayes, Fort Liberte, and Leogane.

Ways to get involved:

* Donate soccer gear

* Volunteer opportunities exist for people interested in coaching, being a trainer, managing the website and working to help raise funds.


* To make a donation, please visit the Haiti Soccer Project website.

Contact information:

* Website: http://haitisoccerproject.org



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