GOALS Haiti (Global Outreach And Love of Soccer) uses soccer as a tool to address environmental degradation in Leogane, Haiti. Read Kona Shen’s story about why she started GOALS.

To engage youth and their families in community work to improve quality of life, rehabilitate the environment, and develop new leadership. GOALS core mission is to use soccer to address the environmental crisis in Haiti. They do that in two ways:

First, in order to play soccer, kids need a safe, clean, and healthy environment. As a result, GOALS works to clean up litter in public areas, support local trash collection, and recycle old materials by reusing them for new projects

Second, to play soccer, kids need strong, healthy bodies. As a result, GOALS works with families to plant vegetable gardens, provide a daily snack or meal, and improve health by hosting mobile clinics and educational seminars, promoting hygiene, and constructing temporary shelters and public sanitation facilities.

Why soccer?:
Soccer has been used worldwide and is often used to promote peace, health, and equality. In Haiti, kids are obsessed with soccer but often unaware of the country’s environmental crisis. GOALS uses soccer to engage youth on this critical issue, and enabling young leaders to address pollution and deforestation in innovative ways.

* S-3 Soccer Clubs – The GOALS’ S-3 model for local soccer clubs focuses on “Soccer, Community Service, and Seminar Learning.” These neighborhood teams are organized by a paid local coordinator, who is responsible for the team’s soccer, service, and seminar activities; its equipment; and its weekly budget for food, water, and transportation.

* Summer Camp – GOALS’ annual summer camp provides children in rural and impoverished areas with athletic, educational, and dynamic activities in addition to basic soccer equipment and hot meals. For most children, this is the first time they are able to participate in recreational programs. GOALS’ summer camp is the only free program for Haitian children in the areas of operation.

* Community Outreach – Community outreach includes public town meetings, census and needs assessment surveys, and local development projects that involve players’ families and adults in the area. Outreach also includes activities and events organized for children younger than 10 years old, and players who don’t yet have places on local GOALS teams.

* Dream Team Scholarships - The Dream Team scholarship program focuses intensively on a select number of participants who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to their communities within GOALS’ youth development programs, and help them complete high school and prepare for future studies and careers.

How to get involved:
Sponsor a Team – A team sponsorship provides all the equipment, food, water, transportation, program materials, and staff support needed for a local soccer team to compete in Haiti for one year.

Organize an Equipment Drive – Collect new and lightly used soccer equipment. GOALS provides shipping to Haiti.

Volunteer - Visit the Volunteers page to learn more about different opportunities.

Make a donation. All donations are tax-deductible.

Contact information:
* Website: www.goalshaiti.org
* Social Media: Facebook

GOALS:HAITI from Le JIT Productions on Vimeo.

a short video produced by Le JIT Productions for Kona Shen and GOALS HAITI

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