Give-N-Go, Inc is a non-profit, charitable organization that collects new and used soccer gear for youth in impoverished areas of the world.

Give-N-Go exists to foster motivation and inspiration in the lives of youth and their families in communities of lesser means around the world by sharing stories of hope set in motion through the collection and distribution of new and used sports equipment.

What they do:
Give-N-Go has partnerships with various groups to help benefit youth in Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti and the U.S. The youth at these locations have little or no gear at all. Give-N-Go collects gear in several ways. The two most common are through tournaments and drop-off locations.

The gear they collect include:
* Cleats, Shin Guards, Socks
* Keeper Gloves
* Uniforms and Soccer Appropriate Apparel
* Warm-ups, Training Suits
* Balls, Pumps
* Bags, Backpacks
* Coaching Equipment (cones, equipment bags, etc)

Where they work:
Based in the U.S, Give-N-Go serves youth in Ecuador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti and the U.S.

Ways to get involved:
* Donate gear
– Gear Drives: Through the help of volunteers, Give-N-Go collects gear though Gear Drives at sponsoring soccer tournaments around the country. Contact them to organize a Gear Drive at your next tournament.
– Gear Grabs: Place boxes at a soccer event where donors can drop off their gear. The primary difference between a Drive and a Grab is the presence of Give-N-Go volunteers.
– Gear Drop-Off Locations: Sponsoring businesses serving as permanent Drop-Off sites where used gear is collected. See the list of locations here.

* Help deliver gear
– Make a donation to help pay for shipping and destination charges.

* Spread the word
– Encourage your friends in the soccer community to donate their used gear, sign up for our newsletter, and “like” Give-N-Go Gear on facebook.

– Make an online donation through Paypal to help cover shipping costs.

Contact information:
* E-mail: Use the contact form
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

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