Fugees Family

Fugees Family provides refugee boys and girls, grades 6-12, with mentorship, structure, and support to help them succeed in soccer and academics.

To help child survivors of war rebuild their lives one step at a time.

Luma Mufleh started a Fugees team to provide refugee boys with free access to organized soccer. Since then, Fugees Family has grown to include year-round soccer for 86 boys and girls aged 10-18, after-school tutoring and soccer for 50 elementary-aged students, a private academy serving 36 students, and an academic enrichment summer camp.

* Fugees Select Soccer – There are four select club teams; 86 refugee boys ages 11-18 attend twice-weekly practice sessions, play league games on weekends, and participate in tournaments.

* Fugees World Cup – The Fugees Family World Cup happens twice a year where players give back to the community by hosting a soccer tournament for the elementary school children in the neighborhood.

* After-school Tutoring – All the soccer players must attend after-school tutoring at least twice a week. There they get help with their homework, study for tests, play educational games, and engage in college and career research.

* Fugees Academy – 36 boys and girls are currently enrolled in the Fugees Academy, an independent middle school.

* Fugees College and Career Counseling – Weekly meetings with the Fugees seniors provide mentoring and counseling regarding SAT prep, college applications, college visits and career exploration.

* Fugees Academic Boot Camp – A six week summer program, in partnership with Agnes Scott College, which provides the opportunity for 60 Fugees to improve their academic ability, keep them connected to each other and the staff, and maintain their physical conditioning.

* Fugees Summer Watermelon Cup – The Watermelon Cup is held three times a week, with over 80 kids coming out to play 5 a side scrimmages. These games keep the kids off the streets and allows them to play in a safe environment with their teammates.

Where they work:
Georgia, United States.

How to get involved:
* Become a partner: If your business is interested in being a Fugees partner, please contact info[at]fugeesfamily[dot]org.

* Volunteer: If you or your organization is interested in volunteering with Fugees Family, please contact volunteer[at]fugeesfamily[dot]org.

* Join Team Fugees: Make a monthly contribution of just $10 (or more), you can effect positive change in the lives of refugee youth and join other fans across the country.

* Wish List: View the Fugees Family wish list

* Shop: Visit the Fugees Family shop

* Activities your contributions can fund:
– $12/week tutoring for one student
– $38 holiday food basket
– $47 winter jacket
– $76/week tank of gas for our Fugees Bus
– $125/season player registration
– $150/week summer literacy camp for one week
– $700/month sponsor a student for the Fugees Academy
– $3000/season tournament sponsor

You can also mail your donations to Fugees Family, P.O. Box 388, Scottdale, GA 30079-0388.

* Website: www.fugeesfamily.org
* Blog: www.fugeesfamily.org/blog.html
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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