Free Kicks Foundation

The Free Kicks Foundation is a Peterborough-based (UK) charity providing football-related activities for ill, bereaved and disadvantaged children.

To provide ill, bereaved and disadvantaged children an unforgettable and special day spent with their favorite football club.

What they do:
The Free Kicks Foundation sets up outings (called ‘kicks’) and can involve:

* Meeting their favorite player
* Watching their favorite team at training
* Tours of their chosen stadium
* Receiving a special gift or anything else football-related

It’s also worth noting that Free Kicks has put policies in place to ensure protection of the children in their care. There is also a code of conduct for all adults working with the children. Read more about these policies here.

* Donate to Free Kicks through Just Giving.
* Donate to Free Kicks through Ploink!.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


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