Coaching For Hope

Coaching for Hope is part of an international volunteering and development charity (Skillshare International) and uses football in partnership with communities in West and Southern Africa to create better futures for young people.

“To use the power of football to promote education, teach life skills, develop health and well being, build self efficacy, and encourage social mobility.”

What they do:
* Coaching for Hope trains groups of local coaches in basic football coaching skills as well as their unique accredited curriculum on HIV prevention and substance abuse. Trained coaches then incorporate the curriculum into training sessions with youth teams, community groups, youth leagues and tournaments.

* Coaching for Hope provides:
– A three-level coach education program that provides for the training and assessment of coaches/volunteers in football coaching and the use of football to teach life skills;

– Technical assistance and consultancy to enable organizations to develop their own coach/volunteer education, football, youth leadership, and life skills training programs;

– Mobilization of resources to support programs and activities using football to engage young people and to develop their leadership and life skills.

– Development of awareness programs enabling young people to travel to Africa to experience and contribute to the use of football in addressing development needs.

* Coaching for Hope works in primarily three focus areas: GenderDisability and Youth Empowerment.

Where they work:
* Coaching for Hope works in the UKWest Africa and Southern Africa.

How to get involved:
* Get more informed.

* Sign up for the e-newsletter.

* Volunteer: Opportunities exist for youth ages 18-22 who are interested in spending three life-changing months with Coaching for Hope. Learn more by visiting International Citizen Service with Skillshare International.

* Help Coaching for Hope with fundraising.

* Make a donation.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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