4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance

4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance is a local nonprofit that works to bridge the gap between first and fourth world children by bringing them together on the soccer field.

What is the 4th World?:
“What is the “fourth world?” When third world people are living in a first world country, there are numerous barriers keeping them from integrating and interacting with the culture around them. Language, literacy, poverty, and other cultural elements can alienate a newcomer, denying them the chance to improve their lives with the advantages provided in the new world around them. This creates a unique living situation where the first and third worlds meet but don’t merge, this makes the fourth world. Citizens of the fourth world are often stuck there, unable to activate the resources in their community and unable to return to the third world.” ~ from the 4 Worlds United website

To enhance the lives of 4th world children by providing opportunities that improve soccer skills, build confidence, support their education, unite communities and cultures.

* Soccer in the Park – A weekly summer event every Monday from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Volunteers walk a group of 30 children from East Africa, Nepal  and Burma for a fun evening of pick-up soccer!

How to get involved:
* Volunteer – Help out by taking part in Soccer in the Park or also volunteer to help drive children to soccer practice and games in the community.

Financial contributions are welcome and here’s how and where donations go:
– $5 for a new soccer ball and pump for 1 child
– $25 for new soccer cleats for 1 child
– $50 for jersey, shin guards and cleats for 1 child
– $75 for 1 child to participate on a recreational soccer team for a season
– $100 for 1 child to travel with their soccer team to an out-of-town tournament
– $250 for 1 child to play on a club soccer team for a year
– $500 for 1 child to attend the Olympic Development Program Regional camp

Soccer equipment and clothing donations are welcome as well. Any questions about donations, please contact 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance.

Mail financial donations to:

4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance
4207 SE Woodstock Blvd #482
Portland OR 97206
Phone: +1-971-226-0260

* Website: http://4worldsunited.org
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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