Update: Peace Pandemic heading off to India

I recently posted a profile on Peace Pandemic. Here’s an update on their work:


Jeb Brovsky, founder of Peace Pandemic and currently a MLS player on the Montreal Impact, certainly knows how to keep busy in the offseason. Very shortly (this Saturday), Jeb will be leaving for New Delhi, India, where he will be conducting a soccer camp. The focus of the camp will not only be on soccer, but will also deal with issues the children encounter on a daily basis. There will be two camps: one for boys and another for girls. The boys’ camp focuses on non-violence and conflict resolution while the girls’ camp will focus on leadership development and teambuilding.

Quotable: “Having the children connecting based on a mutual love of soccer and experiencing similar issues is a great way to work towards our goal of creating an understanding between cultures.” ~ Jeb Brovsky on the mission of Peace Pandemic.

To keep track of news about this incredible project in India, follow Peace Pandemic’s website: http://peacepandemic.blogspot.com/. You can also follow along on Twitter: @peacepandemic and @jebbrovsky.

Below, Jeb gives an interview while with his former team, the Vancouver Whitecaps. Jeb was voted the Whitecaps’ Humanitarian of the Year for 2011.

If you have some news about your project you would like me to share, please contact me at: http://cansoccersavetheworld.com/contact/.


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