SPERO Street Soccer

SPERO (the Latin word for “I hope”) is a street soccer brand which gives a percentage of every sale to supporting soccer in underdeveloped regions. With their Buy One, Give One program, SPERO delivers soccer balls to their partnering organizations in North America, South America, and Africa using soccer to make a difference in the world.

“Street soccer with a purpose.”

SPERO was born out of a vision to offer soccer academies to players from under-served areas that have a desire to play soccer. Following in the footsteps of the proven social business model of TOMS®, SPERO launched the first ever street soccer brand with a social purpose.

Game On Soccer Tour:
Working directly with their partners, SPERO takes week-long visits to locations that are in need of resources to continue the work of impacting lives through soccer. Each Tour will contain a small group from SPERO that will distribute soccer balls to the organization working on the ground. The Tour will include playing against local teams or providing camps for local players.

How to get involved:
* Buy a soccer ball from SPERO’s online shop
* Design Your Hope campaign: At a Design Your Hope event, people will design a bag by drawing or writing the reason they hope. This bag will hold a ball that will be delivered to a child that would otherwise not have access to a ball.
* Club Partnerships

Contact information:
– Website: www.speromovement.com/
– Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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