Soccer in the Streets

Soccer in the Streets links life skills with soccer skills and helps at-risk kids thrive at school and at home through out-of-school programs, mentoring relationships, academic support and hands on experience. Their programs develop the next generation of community leaders who will eventually “own and operate” the program, provide vital infrastructure and sustain partnerships.

Using soccer as a medium, we empower kids who lack opportunity to become employable adults.

Where they work:
Metropolitan Atlanta.

Why soccer?:
Soccer in the Streets believes soccer can engage at-risk kids everywhere and change their world.

* First Goal Kickoff (A stepping stone and introduction to Soccer in the Streets programs)

* Positive Choice Soccer (A year-round program using soccer to teach valuable life skills such as respect, communication, preparation and goal setting.)

* Street Cups (Free one-day tournaments used to test participants’ mastery of life skills taught in introductory programs.)

* Streets League (Provides organized competition and more structured activity with regular practice sessions and games on weekends. Kids can become involved as players, referees, administrators and assistant coaching their younger peers.)

* School of Life (A new employability program targeting high school age kids.)

How to get involved:
* Volunteer opportunities (Orientations are held monthly.)

* Get information on how to make a tax-deductible donation.

* Become a corporate sponsor.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, PhotoBucket, YouTube

A Soccer in the Streets success story:
Learn about DeAndre Harrison’s work with Soccer in the Streets.

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