Soccer For Peace

In what was originally conceived as a one-time event in 2005, Soccer for Peace has grown into an ongoing peace-building effort using the sport of soccer to serve as both a metaphor and vehicle for world peace.

Soccer for Peace is a non-profit organization aiming to unite children of war-torn nations in their shared love of soccer. Based in New York City, the organization has no affiliation; political, religious or otherwise.

Where they work:
While the organization is based in New York City, Soccer for Peace programs are held in Israel.

What they do:
All Soccer for Peace programs include high quality soccer training, bilingual and age-appropriate dialogue workshops and social activities/cultural field trips. Two programs are the cornerstone of Soccer for Peace which involve youth ages 10-16:

* Summer Camp
– A typical day at the summer camp involves: 2 soccer training sessions, 2 hour-long dialogue sessions, arts & crafts workshop or other cultural activity, swimming, a special evening activity and meals. Special events include excursions to each others home towns (Arab & Jewish), visits to professional teams and a family barbecue. entails two high impact training sessions, two hour-long dialogue sessions, an arts & crafts workshop or other cultural activity, free swim, evening activity, and of course meals.

* Year-long academy
– The academy began with participants from the summer camp. Elements added to the academy include competitive league play. Similar to the game, the year-long program includes dialogue workshops and social/cultural activities and field trips.

Why soccer?
Soccer and conflict exist in every corner of the world. As soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world, Soccer for Peace believes that soccer can build bridges and help those in conflict recognize each other’s humanity. From these building blocks, organic relationships can form and dialogue and mutual understanding are possible.

How to get involved:
There are many opportunities to get involved:
– Attend our events in the US
– Visit our programs overseas
– Gather a group of individuals for an informational session about us
– Tell religious leaders about our work
– Ask your friends about employee matching programs for charitable contributions
– Help us identify grants or other funding sources
– Write letters to your Representative
– Buy merchandise, wear it to the gym, and strike up conversations…

To learn more:

To make a tax-deductible donation, go here.

Contact information:
– Website:

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